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Hi - I'm Margie Lieb.  I'm excited to tell about my company.

First, I'll start with my company name.   PW Travel Consulting is in memory of my father.  He was a grand man who taught Math at an intercity school in LA County.  His name was Philip Walter, hence PW.  Although he died many years ago when I was only 12, he left a long time memory about his love of travel - never talking about the destination but the experience.  He was amazing at connecting with people and would have engaged with people around the world if he had lived to do that travel.   My father would say that after he and my mom were done raising all these kids (I'm the youngest of 7), he would travel the world with my mom.  Although he never was able to do that travel, my parents had a strong belief in travel and the experience which we did by camping all around California. 

My father's comment has stuck with me all these years.  It inspired me to begin my career in travel where I stayed for 16+ years and created a longing to return to travel as I held leadership roles in other industries such as high tech and oil and gas.   When I formed PW Travel Consulting, I had several areas that I wanted to incorporate into my business.   I  knew that I wanted to serve the business community and help deepen their connections with their customers in an effortless manner.  I wanted to inspire people to connect and travel together, and not postpone those experiences like my father had done.   I also knew I wanted to leverage my years as an executive and create a revenue opportunity for the businesses I serve.

Check here so we can talk further.  I look forward to our future business opportunities together.


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