Hi - I'm Margie Lieb - Retreat Planning Specialist and owner of Great Views Travel. 

I started my own company because frankly I was tired of seeing hard working people feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and often losing money with their retreats and masterminds.  We are not just a travel company but a business consulting firm.  I help my clients design, create and manage their destination retreats and masterminds and guide you through your financials to ensure your profit margins are clear and your revenue and budget are tracked.  Whether you are planning to bring your team together for a strategic planning session, team building or create a deeper bond with your VIP customers - you don't have to settle for mediocre.

To go from mediocre to GREAT, takes more expertise than a couple hours of surfing the web or delegating the logistics to a staff member who already has 8 million things to do.  I bring over 20+ years of leadership and business experience in the travel industry, high tech and others.  I have been on both sides of retreats and masterminds both pulling them together and an active attendee.  I experienced the good and the bad.  Understanding your financials and ROI is also key, which is expertise I bring to our designs.

We all do business with PEOPLE, not entities or logos.  The authenticity of the connections, relationships and bonds you create with the people you work with, whether it is your colleagues or your customers, is essential to your success and effects your - Profits, Results, Growth.

You deserve, your colleagues deserve, your customers deserve, a stellar, inspirational, memorable experience that improves productivity, creates innovation and drives results.  Great Views Travel is in service to design, create and manage your next retreat and mastermind, drawing on my years of expertise.  I guide you through your financials to ensure your profit margins are clear and your revenue and budgets are tracked.  Your ROI is key.

Think BIGGER, go GREAT.  Views are better when you're hitting your GOALS.  Don't settle for mediocre.  Let Great Views Travel bring your vision to life and handle all the details for your next retreat or mastermind, with exclusive amenities, luxury experiences and VIP treatment.  I will advocate for you and partner with you through the entire process.  I understand your business challenges.  I have been in your shoes.  

Turning possibilities into REALITY.


Retreat Planning  & Group Travel

Great Views Travel, LLC