Great Views Travel believes that exploring new destinations should be shared with others and works with groups of like-interest people to travel together.  Gather your friends, tantalize your taste buds, visit wineries and their owners, cruise the Serengeti, travel down the Mekong...ENDLESS.  Let us work on your bucket list and create that luxury experience.

My father believed that any journey, short or long, is all about the experiences not just a destination.  That belief has stayed with me in forming my parent company PW Travel Consulting LLC., which is named after my father. 

PW Travel Consulting caters to group journeys for businesses and organizations where connecting to your supporters and fans are key to your success.  Whether creating a group journey to share your passion with your customers and deepen their loyalty, travel with PURPOSE to Cuba or the Dominican Republic for cultural immerse and volunteerism or have us plan your training or conference event - we handle all the details for you so you can focus on your business operations.  Experience a group journey with as little as 20 travelers

At Great Views Travel we offer group journeys for like minded individuals creating meaningful experiences.   By creating inspiring group journeys that help people connect with their passions, you will the journey and remember the experience.

Whether you are a business, an organization or a group of friends, we will help you create that unforgettable journey.   Contact us for a complementary session, the first step to your travel experience together.




Great Views Travel    

Hi - I'm Margie Lieb.  I'm excited to tell about my company.

Creating meaningful experiences that lead to deeper connections...

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