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  • Is human interaction in the workplace a dying breed?  
  • Is electronic communication becoming the dominate communication style in business?

October 15, 2018  


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If you are like me, I love email, texting, FaceTime and such for communicating and I’m not even a Millennial.  I have also read that GenXers and Millennials favor electronic communications vs. face-to-face communication.  Is human interaction in the work place becoming a thing of the past?  Or is it a budget cutting strategy to reduce travel costs that can result in less than positive results?  So, I head on my quest to see what research is saying about the human connection in business – those face-to-face meetings and if they still have value.  Here is what I found and in some ways, I found very surprising. 

As much as we all like our technology to communicate, research is still showing that email or texting is not as persuasive of a tool as talking to someone face-to-face.  We all have heard that Millennials and GenXers favor technology over face to face but citing an info graph compiled by CT Business Travel and NeoMam Studios, 78% of GenXers and 80% of Millennials say they actually prefer in person when communicating with their colleagues.  This was surprising.  Either way, by relying too heavily on electronic communication and discounting the impact and power of face-to-face communication, may cost you what we really want to achieve.

Studies continue to show that personal interaction creates a connection, fosters trust, long term relationships and partnerships.  Face to face provides those emotional cues (body language and facial gestures) that are often subtle that can reveal what people are (or aren’t) saying, often lost with a virtual or even a video meeting.  Face-to-face provides opportunities for those sideline conversations that help team members deal with decisions and issues in ways that are outside the structure of a virtual meeting and form a bond.  Managing a successful team and consequently a successful business require personal connections.  As virtual meetings and electronic communication become more and more the norm, but be strategic in their use. 

After all that I have read it is the old adage – fit for purpose.  Electronic communication has a strong present in business and will continue to gain popularity with new and inventive ways to foster communication but business is in large part about building relationships.  We do business with people, not entities.  People remember their experience with the brand not necessarily your logo.    If you need to accomplish tasks, electronic communication or virtual meeting are great and an effective communication tool.  But if you are looking for those strategic discussions, build trust and relationships, breakthrough barriers, be inventive, creative, boost collaboration and share ideas more freely. 

Face to face meetings are not dead.  So, what are your plans for 2019 in planning those critical meetings, setting your strategic direction and developing your leadership team?  Take time to genuinely get to know people because they are your assets.  Understanding why people do business is more important than understand what they do, and this kind of understanding is only attainable through in-person interactions.  

Margie Lieb

Chief Strategist & Owner

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Connecting People Builds

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Connecting People Builds