• Do you meet friends every Friday for wine and appetizers?  Picture you and your friends sitting on deck, cruising through the Bordeaux, sipping local wine and sampling local fare.  Ultimate Happy Hour!
  • Do you have your favorite tee time with friends?  Have your next tee time with friends at renown courses around the world.
  • Does yoga fulfill your soul? Gather your friends for a luxury wellness retreat to fill your soul and commune with nature. 
  • Want private time with your family to relax and recharge?  Let's reserve a private villa for a luxury, exclusive experience with a gourmet chef, butler and full concierge service to handle all your needs. 

Let me help you.  I've been in your shoes. 

I partner with your team to bring  your vision and objectives to life and achieve your ROI.  The views are better when when you are hitting your GOALS.

  • Do you have a thriving coaching business and want to do more with your customers?
  • Are you a business owner with an active and engaged VIP group?
  • Are you looking for additional strategies to generate revenue and profit?  ​ 
  • Are you tired of the lackluster results from your retreats and masterminds with your team and peers?  I know the feeling.  I've been there.
  • Do you plan retreats or masterminds, hoping it will build a stronger team, enhance relationships, accomplish business breakthroughs only to be disappointed?
  • Do you have a plan but delegate it to colleagues that already have 8 million other things to do ?​

No stress or worries.  I support and guide you every step of the way from envisioning the possibilities, through design & planning your experience, to managing all the details and logistics.  I am here to support you throughout your journey.  I even design financial models to help you price your experience, collect fees, track your profit margins and revenue, to ensure you cover your costs and put money in your pocket.  I handle it all so you can focus on delighting your customers with this shared experience.

Stand Out

Be the GOLDEN egg ​

Engage colleagues - Attract customers

Status quo isn't enough to stand out in the marketplace

Executive Retreats and Masterminds

Experiences are meant to be shared

Exclusive Group Travel 

Luxury Curated Retreats and Masterminds


   * Stand out * Be innovative * Be creative * Be Remembered ​

Let us design a destination retreat, mastermind or group customer event that puts money in your pocket.

The OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS -   Our curated group experiences are not a few clicks of a mouse.  At Great Views Travel, I have the expertise and real life experiences to ensure your objectives and goals are met as well as access to exclusive amenities and supplier relationships that enhance your event.



Isn't it more fun to travel with like-minded people who share your passion?