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Studies continue to show it is costly

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  • To replace an employee, various sources say, the average costs is 1.5 - 3x the salary of the position to replace an employee.  Higher replacement costs, the higher the employee is in the organization.
  • To obtain a new customer, most sources say it can cost your between  4-10x more get a new customer vs. retaining existing customers. 

People like to work with, work for and buy from people they

So - how are YOU doing?


People want to work with and work for, people that they know, like and trust.  Are you staying connected with your staff, employees and customers?  Does time continue to get away from you.  Days pass, weeks pass, months pass and then you realize you are loosing those important connections.   I've been there.  I know what you are going through.   

You’re thinking – “you just needed better time management” but for me it wasn’t time management or lack of passion or lack of value and respect for my staff, employees and customers – it was a lack of a platform or program to manage from.  Each event, large or small, lacked the planned continuity to the others, which in reflection, is why they always felt like a fire drill.  I always felt like something was missing - what was missing was an overall plan.

I formed my company to provide to other executives what I could never find – a company who would plan, manage and facilitate all the various venues throughout the year.  I also understand the best way to connect with others is through an experience together so I also offer a full suite of travel consulting.  A destination experience, near or far, outside of your facility, is the ultimate relationship building experience.  Whether you just need a conference room offsite, cozy wine tasting with your staff or a customized travel experience, we can handle it all and more. 

We are not a PR firm or an HR firm or a Marketing firm.  The messages you share with your staff, employees and customers are YOUR messages, YOUR passion.  My company relieves you and your staff of all the venue management by creating and managing a program, handling all the details, logistics and scheduling for you, allowing you to focus on building those critical business relationships that will sustain and grow your company. 

My services aren’t for everyone.  If you have a system / program to manage effectively and efficiently all of your events and logistics, three cheers for you – that’s great!  For those of you who don’t and can relate to my story, I can help.  I look forward to speaking with you.